Managing the manual onboarding process between recruitment and HR

  • Cloud-based onboarding solution to efficiently manage the process of onboarding new employees into the business
  • Manages the manual process between Recruitment and HR onboarding
  • A three-way workflow process between HR, Line Managers and the ‘onboardee’
  • Provides efficiency and visibility to all those involved in the onboarding process.


How webonboarding can benefit your business

  • Automate the process between the ‘onboardee’, Hiring Manager and HR teams
  • Save time with templates and mail merge for new starters
  • Reduce the reliance on the manual onboarding processes
  • Manage high volume onboarding projects
  • Become more efficient through automating the offer and contract process
  • Report on stages of the onboarding process and outstanding actions
  • Proactively deliver information to new starters
  • Provide your future employees with a great experience