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The ‘Welcome Aboard’ report into the state of employee boarding within UK businesses has been attracting widespread media interest.

The independent study, commissioned by Webonboarding, involved a survey of more than 2,000 office-based workers to find out about their experiences when entering a new organisation.

One of the headline findings was that just 36 percent of workers felt welcomed on day one of their jobs when joining large-sized businesses, ones with more than 250 employees.

This was the main focus for newspaper coverage of the ‘Welcome Aboard’ findings with The Independent, Sun, Mirror, Metro and The I being amongst those featuring the report.

You can access the full ‘Welcome Aboard’ report here, complete with analysis of the data. Download report

Unfriendly welcomes

Some of the typical problems new starters experienced included computers not being set-up and the lack of any team meetings or social activities to help people fit into a new workplace.

The coverage included expert analysis by Webonboarding’s Simon Connell who stated:

“Starting a new job can be a daunting prospect - so it’s important to make the process as good an experience as possible.

“It’s made much worse by turning up on your first day with nobody to show you around, your computer not being set up or having a pile of paperwork to fill in and generally feeling like an afterthought.

“Companies that go the extra mile to make sure new employees feel welcome quickly often find their staff will stay loyal for longer.”

Outdated onboarding approach

The ‘broken’ nature of employee onboarding was the focus for HR specific media outlets such as Personnel Today, HR Review and HR Technologist. They reported how the survey data reveals some of the onboarding challenges posed by outdated ways of working and a painstakingly slow administrative process.

More than two-thirds (71 percent) of respondents said onboarding paperwork - including contracts and policy agreements - had not been completed by the time they started in their new position.

Over a quarter (27 percent) said it took up to a month before all the administrative paperwork was completed. Linked to this was the fact that two-thirds of respondents said onboarding was handled with a paper-based process.

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