‘Broken’ onboarding highlighted in HR sector coverage of Webonboarding research

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The broken status of onboarding revealed by a Webonboarding survey has been the focus for HR sector media coverage.

The findings of the ‘Welcome Aboard’ study help to shine a light on some of the challenges that HR departments face when bringing new hires into an organisation.

The research, based on a UK survey of 2,000 office-based workers, found that more than  two-thirds (71 percent) of employees had incomplete documentation prior to their job start.

This paperwork includes employment contracts and making sure that approvals and consents are received for company policies. For two thirds of respondents (66 percent), contracts were managed in paper form - having to be posted out and returned.

Negative starter experiences

A slow and inefficient administration process helps to explain why nearly half (46 percent) of employees surveyed said they had had negative onboarding experiences. For one-in-ten (11 percent), this resulted in them rejecting a position.

The research, one of the largest UK studies into the state of employee onboarding, has received extensive coverage throughout the HR sector with reports appearing in Personnel Today, HR Review and HR Technologist.

Adam Reynolds, CEO of Webonboarding, said:

“This research helps to show exactly why traditional approaches to employee onboarding are so broken and ineffective.

“Whenever you have paper-based processes and the manual handling of employee information, you always have the potential for these kinds of issues.”

The research also identified some stark differences for new starters depending on the size of the organisation they’re joining. Large companies, with more than 250 employees, were found to be failing to create an engaging and warm welcome.

Typical complaints included computers and office technology not being ready and the lack of any team meetings or social activities during initial weeks to help new starters integrate with their team.

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