Mobile employee onboarding

From offer to acceptance in less than 5 minutes

What if new hires could complete all of their onboarding paperwork, from offer to acceptance, in the time it takes to make a cuppa?

With Webonboarding, onboarding documentation is accessed via a personal dashboard on a smartphone. This creates a fast, fluid and hassle-free onboarding experience for the new hire.

“The process was super easy. I didn’t have to wait for the post to come or send anything back. There have been times where I’ve had to physically come in prior to a start date to fill out forms and sign contracts so this option was so much quicker and I didn’t incur any post or travel expenses.”

Take a look at a recent new onboardee’s story and onboarding journey using Webonboarding: Read full story here.

Webonboarding’s mobile-ready approach combines a responsive design, digital signing and a seamless paperless process.

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The benefits of mobile onboarding


Give new hires the choice they need for a smooth and simple onboarding process. With access available via desktop, laptop and phone- it delivers all the benefits of digital connectivity.

Enhanced experience

Deliver a fluid and seamless experience for new starters with digital signing allowing everything to be handled via a mobile phone It’s an effective way to create the best possible first impressions.


With a mobile-ready approach, it doesn’t matter how many new hires you handle or where they are located. Incoming employees always have easy access to the onboarding information they need.


Create a hiring process that meets the expectations of a digitally connected workforce. Demonstrate, from day one, that you are a forward looking organisation that cares about its employees.

Fast onboarding

New starters can complete and submit their new starter documentation from their mobile in a matter of minutes. No more delays with long email chains and paper-based onboarding document processes.


Discover the benefits of mobile ready onboarding for yourself.


Mobile Onboarding