The Good Work Plan and Employee Onboarding

What is the Good Work Plan?

The Good Work Plan is a raft of changes to UK employment laws which are designed to create fairer, clearer and more stable working relations.

Who does this affect?

  • The laws changes apply to all UK employers.
  • The changes come into effect on April 6th, 2020

What does this mean for employee onboarding?

There are several changes which impact the onboarding process:

  • Day one right to ‘Written statement of particulars’
  • Removal of two-month ‘grace’ period to provide documentation
  • Additional requirements for written particulars
  • The requirement to provide ‘key facts’ page to agency workers

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A background to The Good Work Plan

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The Good Work Plan - Written Particulars & Statements

written particulars cover

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Good Work Plan 2020: The latest employee onboarding legislation

Good Work Plan 2020: The latest employee onboarding legislation

Last year the government released its Good Work Plan, outlining new legislation that aims to better serve and protect workers in the U.K. Among them was a worker’s right to a day one written statement.

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