With the first year of GDPR legislation approaching - how well has your organisation’s hiring process adapted?

It’s a question that Webonboarding’s latest webinar helps to answer with a timely refresher session on the EU’s major revamp of the data privacy laws.

Since being launched in May, 2018, the consequences for companies who fail to comply with the strict new data management requirements have been clearly demonstrated.

In January, Google was fined $50 million by the French data watchdog for failing to meet the General Data Protection Regulation requirements.

But it’s not just major companies who are at risk, it’s something that every organisation handling the personal information of employees or contractors needs to manage.

GDPR: The data risks of onboarding new hires

This special webinar covers:

  • Refresher on what GDPR is
  • Data implications for onboarding
  • Best practices to minimise GDPR risks
  • How technology can boost compliance

You can access a video recording of the full webinar here:

Onboarding and personal data 

Onboarding plays a crucial role in GDPR compliance as it’s a phase of the hiring process where the major decisions are made on how personal data is collected.

Any failures to properly communicate GDPR policy or to maintain effective control of employee data leaves an organisation susceptible to a whole range of compliance risks.

Recently, the UK's Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) launched a prosecution against a Buckinghamshire housing developer for a failure to respond to data subject access requests.

Don’t take the risk of being non-compliant. Contact us and find out how Webonboarding can help.

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