Webonboarding: Celebrating a ‘no fuss’ approach to business this Australia Day


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Ask around the globe for the one trait that best describes Australians and the likely answer will be - a laid-back attitude. It’s something that people moving to Australia experience first-hand in the workplace, with a more relaxed approach and a less rigid hierarchy.

But laidback doesn’t mean slow, inefficient or a lack of work ethic. Australia’s growing economy is predicted to become the 11th largest in the globe by 2025. There are now more than two million small businesses in Australia, employing 4.7 million people.

One important factor that’s helping businesses to compete is the ‘no fuss’ approach - it’s finding ways of working that remove hassle, stress and wasted time. It’s getting rid of unnecessary processes and staying focused on the stuff that really matters - like bringing the best employees into your business in the most efficient and engaging way possible.

Manual onboarding

This is one of the areas where technology is proving to be a game changer, allowing a completely new approach to onboarding - the process of converting successful job applicants into employees.

This has traditionally been a slow, complex and stressful process with a multitude of documents, forms and communications having to be juggled between HR, the hiring manager and onboardee. It’s typically been managed manually with information scattered across various phone calls, emails, letters and spreadsheets. It creates a cumbersome and error-prone way of working which often leads to chosen candidates being lost.

Stress free solution

It’s to tackle this issue that webonboarding was developed - an automated ‘no fuss’ employee onboarding solution that streamlines the whole process, removing the headaches from bringing new recruits into your business. With contract templates, e-mail merge and the reporting of all stages and outstanding tasks, it provides a simple and transparent way for HR to manage any number of onboardees, working like an onboarding best practice checklist.

So as we take some time off to celebrate what we love about Australia, it’s worth raising a glass to the benefits of the ‘no fuss’ approach to business. It’s an attitude that more companies are now able to put into practice, thanks to a new generation of digital management tools.

Find out how webonboarding can take the stress out of onboarding practices in 2018 by requesting a demo here: https://goo.gl/h9unqA

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