Tis the season for effective onboarding


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When it comes to seasonal hiring challenges, nobody has it tougher than Santa.

It’s only thanks to recruiting a crack team of elf helpers that he can pull off the annual feat of delivering toys and gifts across the globe. And while it may not be on the same scale, lots of businesses experience recruitment pressures during the festive period.

From October 1st to December 31st, is the time of the year when hiring demand reaches its peak, with sectors such as retail and hospitality staffing up for the holiday season.

Handling this kind of seasonal recruitment is proving more challenging than ever thanks to high UK employment levels and reduced access to temporary workers as a result of Brexit uncertainties.

Competition for seasonal workers

Competing in this environment requires effective onboarding processes but for more than two-thirds (68 percent) of UK businesses, this crucial phase of the recruitment cycle is still handled via outdated methods.

Employee onboarding starts the moment a successful applicant has been made an offer and covers all of the HR tasks required to get them started. For most organisations, this is still handled with a combination of posted paperwork, phone calls and emails.

It creates a hiring process which is prone to being slow and inefficient with any delays or frustrations increasing the risks of candidates dropping out. A 2017 study, commissioned by webonboarding, found that 39 percent of UK employees have experienced onboarding problems, causing 15 percent to drop out.

Importance of effective onboarding

Having a fast and efficient onboarding system is particularly important for seasonal recruitment management because of the tight time-frames and the increased volume of paperwork that has to be handled.

It’s to handle these kind of issues that a digital  approach to onboarding has been developed, using cloud-based technology and real-time data to transform the way hiring can be handled.

Webonboarding uses an online portal to manage all of the communications required between HR, managers and incoming hires. Digital contract signing removes the need for any paper-based tasks and allows for a fully automated process.

Gift of automated onboarding

It gives HR teams the ability to manage and monitor each stage of the process in real-time. While traditional onboarding approaches can often take weeks to complete, an automated system means this can be completed within days.

It provides organisations with a fast, scalable and efficient onboarding operation which minimises the risks of onboarding dropout and has the flexibility and scalability needed to meet the challenge of seasonal recruitment.

With webonboarding there are simple and cost effective ways to significantly improve the handling of seasonal hiring demands.

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