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A guide to making your onboarding process more GDPR compliant


Confidential and secure

This is part of a series looking at the key GDPR compliance principles which apply to employee onboarding. You can find a full overview here


GDPR Principle: Confidential and Secure Data

A key principle of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is to ensure the ‘confidentiality, integrity and availability’ of any personal data that’s collected or stored by HR. To do this requires assessing the risks posed by the HR processes that are in place. If things go wrong, even accidentally what are the consequences and how can you adapt your processes to mitigate against those risks?

Onboarding Issues:

Any kind of uncontrolled and unstructured management of employee onboarding will pose a risk in terms of data security. It’s a particular problem when information is having to be manually shared and exchanged. Whenever documents containing personal information are posted by mail or physically transferred between locations there’s the potential for problems. If documents are lost, compromised or sent to the wrong place - the employer must accept responsibility for the data breach. The same is true for information that’s lost or compromised as a result of break-ins or thefts. It could be that an organisation has breached without even knowing if it’s not reported. There is also a general issue of how secure information is internally - does your process provide tight control of who has access to personal and sensitive data?

Webonboarding Software:

The use of digital document signing means that employee onboarding can become a fully paperless process. Email verification is used to ensure that information is being exchanged with the right person. Contracts and documentation are handled via an online portal which is created for each new hire - providing them with everything they need to quickly and smoothly integrate into the business. The system allows HR to track and monitor each step of the onboarding process - including verification that individual documents have been safely received. Tight security controls are also provided to limit access to onboarding information with different layers of data requiring authorization to view.

Webonboarding provides a smarter way to bring new employees into your business - reducing admin time, boosting efficiency and improving.







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