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A guide to making your onboarding process more GDPR compliant

Storage limitation


This is part of a series looking at the key GDPR compliance principles which apply to employee onboarding. You can find a full overview here.

GDPR Principle: Storage Limitation

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires that you do not keep personal data any longer than is needed. If the original purpose for the information being collected is no longer valid - it needs to be removed. This could be as a result of changes to a worker’s role or simply as a result of employees leaving the organization. How long you keep each form of data needs to be clearly documented and made accessible to employees.

Onboarding Issues:

With an increasingly flexible workforce and more varied employment relations, trying to monitor all employee information is a considerable headache for HR teams when using a traditional manual onboarding operation. With information fragmented and stored in multiple formats - paperwork, spreadsheets and emails - HR teams struggle to keep tabs on which elements of data remain ‘active’.If outdated information is identified, it also creates the problem of ensuring that each and every instance of that data is safely removed. Compliance breaches will result if outdated data is left in the system - duplicated spreadsheets, forgotten folders, outdated documents. Manual destruction of documents can also be problematic with location as well as difficulty confirming physical destruction.

Webonboarding Software:

Automated processes and custom workflows allows for  clean and consistent data collection for all incoming employees. Having a single cloud-based system to handle all forms of data - from contracts to pension details - removes the risks caused by multiple formats and documents. It allows HR teams to monitor employee information and identify, access and delete any data that’s no longer required - with minimal risk of that data remaining elsewhere. Digital timestamps track exactly when data is collected, signed-off and approved. When the agreed time period for data retention is passed the information is easily accessed and deleted.

Webonboarding provides a smarter way to bring new employees into your business - reducing admin time, boosting efficiency and improving.

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