Onboarding challenge of seasonal and temporary hires



Coping with the onboarding challenge of seasonal and temporary hires

In an ideal HR and business world the hiring process would always be gradual and controlled. In the real world…that’s rarely the case.

The fluid nature of today’s recruitment environment means that HR teams have to constantly deal with fluctuating demands and ever-changing resource requirements.

This is particularly the case for those organizations that have to regularly handle significant numbers of new hires for a need such as seasonal or temporary new recruits.

Even the most efficient of HR operations can start to buckle under the logistical stresses and strains that are caused by sudden surges in the administrative workload.

Manual approach not working

It’s the reason why employee onboarding has become such an essential area of HR processes to get right. Using a traditional approach, it takes up just under a quarter (24%) of HR time.

Onboarding starts the moment a candidate is offered a job and it covers the multiple tasks that are required to properly integrate them into the business.

This includes everything from exchanging contracts and references to providing welcome packs and ensuring that all infrastructure is in place for new starters on their first day.

A recent survey by webonboarding found that more than two-thirds (68%) of UK companies still use manual methods to manage employee onboarding - phone calls, emails and paperwork.

It’s a reliance on these methods that creates a rigid and inefficient structure which lacks the scalability and flexibility that’s required when having to cope with the changing demands of seasonal and temporary hires.

Benefits of onboarding software

For companies such as Elliott, a leading UK supplier of modular space and portable buildings, the solution has been to switch over to a fully automated digital management system.

With the company covering a wide range of market sectors, they chose webonboarding as the ideal system to provide a more scalable, flexible and efficient way to manage employee  onboarding.

Webonboarding works by replacing any manual communication methods with a streamlined cloud-based system which tracks and manages each stage of the onboarding process in real-time.

A simple-to-use online portal is used to handle contracts and provide everything that a new starter needs to have a fast, positive and engaging onboarding experience. By ensuring consistency and maintaining quality, it significantly reduces the risk of onboardees dropping out of the process.

Fully future-proofed solution

The cloud-based nature of the system means that it’s completely scalable - able to deal just as efficiently with five or five thousand new hires. It’s designed with the flexibility to mould itself to the exact needs of each organization.

So while traditional onboarding approaches will continue to struggle to handle the shifting sands of temporary and seasonal recruitment, a new generation of onboarding software is now empowering HR and hiring teams.

It’s the reason why successful and growing companies such as Elliott are rethinking the way they handle new hires. By moving to cloud-based setups, HR teams future-proof themselves to handle any kind of onboarding challenge.

Webonboarding provides a better way to pre-board employees into your business - reducing admin time, boosting efficiency and improving employee engagement.

Read how Elliot found a new way to handle onboarding with webonboarding here >> https://goo.gl/B2MK7A

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