Kinnerton finds a sweet way to manage employee onboarding with webonboarding

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Leading confectionery company, Kinnerton, has come a long way since the brand was first launched back in 1978.

Starting out with just a desk, a typewriter and a second-hand Ford Cortina, Kinnerton has grown into the much loved provider of many of the ‘nut safe’ chocolates we find on our supermarket shelves.

The success of the Norfolk based company means that they have to manage large volumes of new hires - typically between 150-200 each year. It was to help streamline this HR process that they turned to webonboarding.

The challenge they were facing was with the amount of time and paperwork that was required to handle new hires when they were relying on a traditional methods. It was particularly problematic for onboarding - the process of turning successful candidates into fully integrated employees.

For Kinnerton this meant sending out packs of information to each new starter, containing all of the documents that needed to be completed. Trying to manage this process became a drain on HR resources.

With information often not being completed, the first few days for new starters could often be lost to finishing paperwork and admin tasks. The move to webonboarding means the whole process is now automated.

Webonboarding uses a cloud-based system to manage and track every stage of the onboarding process. Onboardees are provided with an online portal to access and complete all of the required documentation.

The benefits for Kinnerton include:

  • Streamlined paperwork for admin and onboardees
  • Clear processes that are tracked and monitored
  • Improved flow of data across the company
  • Increased document completion rates

With automatic processes and real-time information, each step of the onboarding process is able to be centrally tracked with HR, hiring managers and onboardees always knowing what’s required of them.

The quality of Kinnerton’s confectionery has helped the company to secure major licenses for many much loved kid’s TV shows, including Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig and Transformers.

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