Five ways to make the most out of the January jobs flurry

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January is always a hectic period for HR as employees often make searching for a new job one of their New Year’s resolutions. It’s thanks to the ‘fresh start effect’ that workers tend to use the new year as a springboard to fully commit themselves to a move. And it’s often motivated by more than a simple search for more money.

The factors influencing a change of employer are just as likely to be feelings of being undervalued, bored or just generally unhappy with life at their present workplace. For HR teams, this seasonal jobs shift provides a valuable opportunity to find and attract talented employees who are looking for a fresh challenge in 2018.  

Here’s a look at how to make the most out of the January recruitment rush:

Provide a digital friendly workplace

With more employees of the Millennial generation, successful recruitment means creating workplace environments which are attuned to their digitally connected lives. This means moving away from traditional office setups, reliant on paperwork and manual tasks, and embracing automated ways of working which harness the use of cloud technology and tools such as digital signing.

And it’s not just about the power and convenience of the technology, it’s also about the shifting attitude to work that digital communications has allowed, enabling employees to have more control over how, when and where they operate.

Tighten-up your employee onboarding

Onboarding is that crucial period between turning preferred candidates into employees. With recruitment so competitive during January, any weakness in this process will risk losing out on talented employees - who could be put off by contract errors and delays.

It’s to tackle this notorious weak spot that businesses are now switching over to digital onboarding software such as webonboarding which replace paperwork and cumbersome manual tasks with fast and automated processes - reducing admin time and maximizing the chances of bringing talent into the business.

Promote your company culture

A company culture isn’t just something for large corporations like Google and Amazon, it’s an aspect of business that every company should be managing. The ‘personality’ of a company plays a particularly important role in how attractive your business is to potential employees.

It’s something that has to be actively managed and maintained - finding ways to make your workplace a positive, supportive, fun and productive place to be. Get it right, and a company culture can be more effective lure than salary when it comes to attracting the best workers.

This is why it’s important to effectively communicate company culture as part of the onboarding process. A system such as webonboarding provides a custom solution that provides onboardees with guides and videos designed to give them a better ‘feel’ for the business. This also engages the new hire into the same goals and visions for the business from the moment they have signed their contract.

Get everything ready for new starters

Getting the most from any new employees means ensuring they have everything they need to be quickly and easily integrated into your company. Starting a new job can be a daunting experience and it’s vital that a properly managed process is in place to smoothly ease people in.

An effective onboarding process will provide employees with all the essential information but without overwhelming them with paperwork. With a clear and transparent allocation of tasks, it will also make sure that your HR team has everything ready and waiting.

Webonboarding provides a smarter way to onboard new employees into your business - reducing admin time and boosting efficiency as well as improving employee engagement. Find out for yourself by requesting a demo here:

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