Fight the January blues by streamlining your employee onboarding process


january blues

A new year, a fresh start and your HR team is bursting with energy for the challenges of the next 12 months. Well, maybe not. Studies have shown that January is the most depressing time of the year for employees with the third Monday in the month identified as the official low-point for workers. It’s that post Christmas lull - when the holidays are over and people are left counting the costs. And for a business, this can pose a significant challenge. It’s a drop in morale with the power to stifle a team’s productivity and gets the new year off to the worst possible of starts, which in turn will makes your business seem like a less appealing option for new starters on the hunt for a new position. So find out how you can stop employee onboarding from being a cause for January blues:

Boosting Morale

An effective way to raise spirits is to find ways of making work less of a strain. It’s to identify those aspects of employee onboarding that are an administrative headache. For most companies, this is caused by the logistical treacle of having to manually juggle a multitude of documents and communications - offers/rejections, negotiations, contracts, amendments. It’s a painstakingly slow and error prone way to handle hiring which makes life difficult for your HR team and is liable to deliver a similarly frustrating experience for your prospective employees. It’s an administrative headache which can now be removed by switching to a digital system that automates the onboarding process; creating a faster, simpler and more efficient set-up.

Removing Hassle

Webonboarding uses cloud technology to collate all of the communications, resources and documentation that’s required to bring new people into a business. It has been specifically designed to remove the stresses and strains that HR teams usually face by virtually removing the need for cumbersome manual tasks, replacing them with smarter automated processes. A major advantage of switching to a digital onboarding system is the flexibility and scalability it provides. It’s just as effective handling the recruitment of one or one thousands new employees. It can also be adapted to meet the exact needs of each organization, from a simple start-up to the complexities of a multinational business.

So if you’re looking for effective ways to help your HR team beat those January blues, a switch to a digital onboarding system can provide a great kick start 2018. Rather than delivering a quick-fix, this is a change which offers a permanent solution to some of those headaches caused by outdated processes. It gives a HR team the tools they need to minimise hassle and maximise efficiency.

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