Expert webinar to highlight the data risks of new hires

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How does your company handle new hires?

Do you rely on paper-based processes and manual admin tasks? Is your employee data managed centrally or fragmented and siloed?

These are the kind of questions that have grown in significance since the recent introduction of the European Union’s GDPR legislation.

The EU laws have raised the bar - requiring businesses to achieve stricter management and protection of employee information than ever before.

It has also raised the risks that are posed by non-compliance. There are fines of up to €20 million for those found to have breached the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Employee onboarding plays a critical role in building and maintaining a compliant HR operation. It’s an area that will be explored in the latest expert webinar by webonboarding.

Expert onboarding advice

The event, in partnership with HR knowledge specialists PM Insight, will be shining a light on the compliance issues caused by inefficient and outdated data management methods.

Webonboarding CEO Adam Reynolds will also look at best practices; the processes, systems and tools that are helping HR teams to minimise risks and maximise the onboarding effectiveness.

The themes covered by the webinar include:

  • The risks and challenges of maintaining accurate employee data
  • How to manage data safely, thoroughly and collectively
  • Who’s responsible for implementing compliant data processes
  • Common risks caused by onboarding inefficiencies
  • How technology can centralise and simplify onboarding

The webinar will help to identify if your organisation is ready to meet the challenge of today’s compliance environment. It will also provide a greater understanding of the general issues surrounding recruitment and data protection.

The event takes place at 11am BST on Thursday, September 25th.

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All those who sign-up will also be given access to a recording of the webinar.

Webonboarding provides a smarter way to bring new employees into your business - reducing admin time, boosting efficiency and improving employee engagement.

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