Expert panel shines a light on onboarding data risks of new hires


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The risks posed to organisations by manual methods of handling onboarding information were highlighted by a webinar panel of experts. The online event, organised by PM Insight, took an in-depth look at some of the HR challenges created by the recent introduction of GDPR data protection laws. This includes the handling of contracts, references and offer letters. With potential fines of up to €20 million, or four percent of annual turnover, organisations are having to reassess the way they collect, store and share recruitment and onboarding data.

Webonboarding CEO Adam Reynolds was joined on the panel by legal expert Katherine Gibson of DLA Piper UK LLP and Leigh Freeman, senior HR consultant at EEF. The message that came across throughout the presentation was the need for HR and hiring managers to fundamentally rethink the methods and processes they are using to handle new hires.

Dangers of fragmented data

With most companies still using a traditional approach to onboarding - relying on posted paperwork, emails and calls - it’s liable to cause personal information to become fragmented and scattered. Katherine Gibson provided an overview of the numerous difficulties this lack of data control can create when trying to comply with five key areas of GDPR compliance. These are:

  • Purpose limitation - only use data for purpose it’s collected
  • Data minimisation - only collect data that’s needed
  • Accuracy - ensure information is correct and updated
  • Storage limitation - keep data for only as long as needed
  • Integrity and confidentiality - make sure it’s securely controlled

Finding effective ways to mitigate against these risks was the focus for Adam Reynolds. Webonboarding has created a powerful software solution with a cloud-based system that transforms the way data can be managed and controlled. With all onboarding processes handled via an online portal, it helps to protect against the risks of information fragmentation, duplication and legacy data. It also provides HR with complete control over data access levels. Leigh Freeman shared examples of practical everyday issues raised by GDPR with something simple - such as a CV handed into a company via a security guard - causing a multitude of potential problems.

The webinar was hosted by Edward Craig, Head of Content at People Management Insight, with the panel responding to a host of viewer questions that were being submitted throughout the event.

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