Employee onboarding: Better ways to handle your new hire checklist

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Moving a preferred  candidate to becoming an employee sounds like it should be a simple task. So why do so many businesses continue to struggle with the management of this critical stage of the HR process known as onboarding?

Recent research, commissioned by webonboarding, found that almost a quarter (24 percent) of HR time is spent on handling onboarding tasks. And 47 percent of HR managers said onboarding problems caused preferred candidates to drop out of the process.

The reason for these difficulties are highlighted when you start to identify of all the various tasks that need to be completed before a candidate can become an employee. It’s a complex interchange of information between HR, hiring managers and onboardees - everything from contracts and payroll info to medical details and compliance policies.

So many onboarding systems fail to manage this because they rely on traditional communications methods and manual management of the tasks required for new hires. It’s to address this deficiency that more HR teams are switching to digital onboarding software systems such as webonboarding.

Using cloud-based data, the system allows a company to easily manage and control the entire process, replacing slow, admin heavy tasks with fast, automated processes. Here’s a look at how technology can transform your approach:

Faster, smoother and smarter processes

It’s trying to manage a scattershot of information that makes onboarding so problematic. HR teams find themselves having to keep tabs on information from a multitude of different sources - documents, paperwork, emails and phone calls.

Onboarding software allows all of this to be handled digitally with processes being automatically tracked and data collated, allowing HR teams to access real-time digital information on the status of each onboarding task.

All of the information and documentation an onboardee requires is provided via an online portal that keeps track of the status of each new hire task. It creates a fast, smooth and simple way to guide a new recruit into the company.

It creates a HR management workflow which ensures that each task on a new hire checklist is ticked off and that everything is ready for fresh starters on day one. A common complaint from new hires is that employers fail to have office desks or IT ready for them on arrival.

Improving the onboarding experience

By reducing the administrative burden, a digital employee onboarding solution gives HR teams the tools and resources they need to start improving the experience for new recruits.

It means that a new hire checklist can go beyond the essentials and start to explore ways of delivering a more engaging and stress free experience.

This can include welcome packs and videos that help new employees to understand the company culture and feel a part of the team they’re entering. The solution can be designed to suit organisations brand elements, logos and colour schemes. A failure to integrate employees into a new workplace can have costly consequences longer term.A 2017 global survey by webonboarding found that almost one-in-five (19 percent) had left jobs within the first few months thanks to negative initial experiences.

Monitor and refine onboarding performance

The ability to access accurate real-time data on employee onboarding allows performance to be monitored in ways that have previously not been possible. A system such as webonboarding includes a set of reporting tools that allows easy access to the full range of employee onboarding data.

The information collected includes feedback ratings provided by onboardees, allowing HR to track not only system efficiency but levels of employee engagement.

It allows any areas of inefficiency in the onboarding process to be identified and tackled. The information available includes any feedback ratings that have been provided by onboardees.

By shining a light on those areas of onboarding that have previously been unseen, it allows the process to be constantly streamlined and improved - reducing admin headaches and improving the experience for new hires.

So while effectively managing a new hire checklist remains a challenge, it’s an area of HR operations which has been transformed by the arrival of  employee onboarding software such as webonboarding.

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