A need for smarter employee onboarding


Mix-up involving 1,500 job offers highlights need for smarter onboarding

A blunder involving up to 1,500 junior doctors being incorrectly offered jobs has highlighted the risks of relying on outdated onboarding processes.

A user error in the HR department of the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) was found to have caused the mix-up which resulted in erroneous information being sent out to candidates.

The problem was caused by a mistake that was made during the process of manually transferring the 1,500 candidates’ information between different HR systems.

The incident triggered calls for the NHS to invest more money into smarter HR technology and the adoption of cloud-based systems which can automate the process of bulk onboarding.

Switch to cloud-based systems

In the business world, increasing numbers of HR leaders are moving their teams over to digital systems such as webonboarding which remove the need for any manual processing of onboarding data.

It does this by replacing traditional methods - spreadsheets, emails and paperwork - with an integrated, cloud-based solution which tracks and manages all of the onboarding information in real-time.

Recruitment data can be easily imported, allowing digital templates to automatically create accurate offer letters and contracts for any number of ‘onboardees’. It’s a task that is painstakingly slow and error prone when handled by hand.

Employee onboarding covers the crucial HR task of ensuring that successful candidates are quickly and efficiently integrated into the organization. It’s estimated that, using a traditional approach, this takes up just under a quarter (24%) of HR time.

Costs of inefficient onboarding

With so much administration time and resources required to manage new hires, any errors or delays can prove costly. The longer onboarding takes, the higher the chances are that candidates will pull out.

By improving administrative speed and efficiency, a digital system allows HR teams to focus more on improving the overall experience for new starters.

The RCP issued an apology for the mistake and any stress caused to candidates who were left not knowing if the job offer they received was valid.

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