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A guide to making your onboarding process more GDPR compliant

Lawful and Transparent

 This is part of a series looking at the key GDPR compliance principles which apply to employee onboarding. You can find a full overview of the series here.

GDPR Principle: Lawful and Transparent

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) places a responsibility on organizations to be clear about why data is being collected from employees and exactly what that data will be used for.

You must identify the ‘lawful basis’ that justifies the collection and use of personal data and be clear, open and honest with new hires from the start about how you will use their data.

As part of this commitment, employees have the right to see exactly what information is being held on them in the form of Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR).

Onboarding Issues:

A process must be put in place to ensure that new hires are aware of an organization’s GDPR policy before they’re asked to start submitting their personal information. If documents are sent via post, ensuring this can lengthen the onboarding process.

Another problem faced by companies using a traditional approach to new hires is the requirement to deal with DSAR requests. With information held in multiple formats - across emails, spreadsheets and paperwork - it makes collating information slow and inefficient.

It’s an area of data management that gets progressively harder to control as companies grow and HR teams start to handle an increasing volume of information.  Plus not to mention when team members leave, handovers are made and items can be lost. There is no continuity with paper based.

Webonboarding Software:

The onboarding software  allows GDPR policy documents and consent forms to be easily integrated into the onboarding process, ensuring new hires are given a clear, transparent and fully documented process.

From the moment a successful applicant is chosen, real-time tracking of documents allows HR teams to ensure that GDPR policy documents are safely received and read by the incoming employees before they start submitting personal details.

The digital handling of all employee information also means that a full audit of what information is being collected - when, by whom and why - is automatically created. It provides instant access to everything that’s required to handle any number of DSAR requests with minimal impact on HR time or resources.

Webonboarding provides a smarter way to bring new employees into your business - reducing admin time, boosting efficiency and improving employee engagement.

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