Q & A with Adam Reynolds, CEO of Webonboarding

Webonboarding is the solution which enables HR department onboard new starters in a professional and streamlined way. By removing the manual process and the paper trail, it reduces the hidden cost of recruitment while maintaining the human touch. We speak with Adam Reynolds, CEO of webonboarding, to find out about the company, their solutions, and their future plans.

Let’s start by briefly introducing webonboarding. In a sentence, what is webonboarding and what’s its unique value proposition?

Webonboarding is a cloud-based solution that saves businesses time and money by streamlining the employee onboarding process as well as providing an engaging experience for the employee. With ready to use templates, reporting of all ‘onboardee’ stages, digital signing plus many more features, we believe we have revolutionized the way organizations onboard new starters.

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