“My HR system does a bit of that”

 At webonboarding we have been hearing this quite a lot recently, the truth is that an onboarding solution is not an HR solution, it’s a specialist application that enables a business to manage the process from preferred candidate through to new starter. The onboarding process is traditionally manual, subject to error, time consuming and very hard to track. On top of that, the ‘onboardee’, (the new starter) we have been aiming to provide a great impression to throughout the recruitment process can then have a poor experience with little or no communication.

The HR team now has a choice, if, when we talk about onboarding we adopt the approach that my HR system “does a bit of that”, conversely it means that it doesn’t do a lot of it. Should we accept that doing a small portion is enough for our business, our HR team and our future employees?  The current approach that a number of businesses are adopting is very dangerous and doesn’t cover onboarding well for the business and employees.  Webonboarding is a specialist cloud solution, enabling the full management of the onboarding process in an efficient and timely way.


To demonstrate the current state of affairs let’s look at what the impact of poorly managing the process looks like:

  • Up to 25% of HR time is currently spent chasing new starters for documentation

  • 69% of HR professionals said the process of issuing offer letters and contracts of employment in a timely way has caused them problems

  • 45% said inaccuracies in the offer process had caused subsequent issues for their organisation

  • Whilst almost half of HR teams admit that delays in the process have cost the business their preferred candidate

By changing the focus and striving to fully manage the process with webonboarding, we can vastly improve the onboardee experience and engagement. But in addition to this we can also make tangible savings for organisations, reducing time and the cost of the onboarding process. Quite simply a tool such as webonboarding enables the HR team to deliver a greater focus on both people and strategy.


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Blog written by Adam Reynolds, CEO of webonboarding and webexpenses.


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