Webonboarding - where it all began

Webonboarding is the very latest in onboarding technology. Brought to you by the company that brought you webexpenses.

Recognised by HR and business professionals - onboarding is the critical part of integrating a new starter into a business. It is more than issuing a contract and extending a warm welcome on day one. Managed well, onboarding helps your new employees to understand the organisational culture and their role in the business. This can have a huge impact on employee engagement, loyalty and retention. 

Designed by HR for HR

We are proud to say that webonboarding has been designed by our very own HR Manager at webexpenses, Melanie Guy. Melanie saw the need for a solution to help with the onboarding process after many years of working through manual processes in her HR career.

My idea for an online solution came about in one of those rare moments during a busy day thinking “there must be a better way of doing this”. I knew broadly how I would like an online system to work but after an online search I wasn’t able to find anything on the market. Following further research, my supporting document and conversations with our great team of developers webonboarding became a reality. I really couldn’t be more proud or excited to be at launch stage.

CEO Adam Reynolds says:

We are delighted to bring webonboarding to market, adding to our webexpenses portfolio of cloud-based solutions. We are confident this solution will make a real difference to the world of onboarding and we are even more delighted that this idea has grown and become a reality from our very own HR Manager’s talent and experience.

Paper chasing

Gone are the days when you need to spend hours manually generating paper based offer letters and contracts of employment. 69% of our surveyed HR professionals said the process of issuing offer letters and contracts of employment in a timely way has caused them problems. By automating and streamlining your process this not only reduces errors, saves time but can help with strengthening your employer brand.

Webonboarding; welcome to the future of employee onboarding.

To find out more about webonboarding we would love the opportunity to come and talk with you, email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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