Employee Onboarding Software

A smarter way to manage employee onboarding from preferred candidate to new hire.

For faster and more efficient onboarding, streamlined processes and reduced paper work, webonboarding removes the paper trail and digitally tracks onboarding progress and tasks.



For HR and Hiring Managers

  • Faster employee onboarding - get new hires in quicker
  • Track new hires during their onboarding process and spot potential drop outs
  • Helping to support GDPR compliance
  • Secure, cloud based platform

For the onboardee (new hire)

  • Digitally sign contracts of employment
  • Improved experience and employee engagement
  • Fully mobile enabled and responsive onboarding process


Software Features

Admin Management

Admin Management

Reduce manual onboarding processes with admin management & bulk processing.



Set up letters and contracts for commonly used roles.

Digital Signature

Digital Signatures

E-sign documentation on the go.



Report on all ‘onboardee’ stages.

Customisation Tool

Customisation Tool

Customise the system to match your own brand guidelines

Mobile Onboarding

Mobile Onboarding

New hires can choose how they manage their own onboarding process when starting a new role.

Working towards GDPR Compliance

Webonboarding helps to support GDPR compliance for new hire data and onboarding processes. Find Out More.

How compliant is your onboarding process?

Take our GDPR compliance survey and find out.

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See how our clients have transformed their employee onboarding processes

What is employee onboarding?

Employee onboarding is the term recognised by HR professionals as the critical part of integrating a new employee into the business. It is more than issuing a contract and extending a warm welcome on day one. Managed well, employee onboarding helps your new employees to understand the organisational culture and their role in the business. This can have a huge impact on employee engagement, loyalty and retention.

The Software

Employee Onboarding Software:

  • Cloud-based employee onboarding solution to efficiently manage the onboarding process of new employees into the business.
  • Manages the manual process between Recruitment and HR
  • A three-way communication workflow between HR, line managers and the ‘onboardee’
  • Provides efficiency and visibility to all those involved in the onboarding process


  • Set up new starter templates
  • Re-use templates for common roles
  • Offer letter and contract mail merge
  • Enabled for digital signing
  • Allows two-way communication for objections and amendments
  • Integrated email action reminders
  • Automated processing
  • Bulk process management
  • Set and manage tasks
  • Admin management
  • Reporting of all ‘onboardee’ stages
  • Provide induction details and pre-reading to onboardees
  • Enables the organisation to gain employee feedback
  • Suite of reports
  • Export data for HR and payroll systems